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Powerful, instant text-analytics on your data

Generate tailor-made reports and gain insight into your target audience


Real time analytics


Gain insight from social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as online news, link your e-mail boxes or FTP accounts to Opinica, or upload your own text from surveys. Manage the reputation, measure the engagement, discover the underlying feelings, problems and needs.

Customizable reports


With the easy-to-use interface sharing insights becomes a piece-of-cake by generating automated fully customizable reports to quickly segment, derive and share insights from your target-audience for customer service, marketing and sales.



Whether you use Opinica to analyze social media, news, e-mail, surveys results, callcenter or chat logs, or any other text source, keep your budget in check as Opinica offers the option to work with pre-paid credits and without fixed fees. Start/stop campaign tracking at will or pay per upload, and only refill if you run out of credits.


Data Sources


Opinica processes text data from a great number of online and offline sources such as news and blogs (in select countries), social media - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail boxes, Salesforce.com/Radian 6 API, and more. You can upload your own data (e.g. survey results or call-center transcripts) in CSV/Microsoft Excel format.

Supported Languages


Opinica detects 28 different languages and has full support for all analytics - topic detection, sentiment anlasys and age and gender estimation - in seven languages. These are: English, German (Deutsch), French (Français), Dutch (Nederlands), Spanish (Español), Italian (Italiano) and Russian (Pу́сский).

Topic Detection


Opinica uses proprietary self-learning automated topic detection technology, trained using tens of millions of messages from varying sources of real conversations to achieve robust and versatile understanding of language in the real world. This allows the detection of topics in short, informal messages such as Tweets or replies to surveys as well as long, formal texts such as news messages or contracts, even if the system has never seen the topics before.

Sentiment Analysis


Opinica uses proprietary self-learning automated sentiment analysis technology, trained using tens of millions of messages to understand the nuances and context of the messages as well as being able to handle abbreviations, colloquialisms/slang, misspellings, alternate spellings and poor grammar. Sentiment is classified in three classifications: positive, neutral and negative and analyzed on message level as well as on the topic level.

Age and Gender Estimation


Opinica uses market unique age and gender estimation to estimate the age and the gender of the author of a text based on the text itself. Different genders and generations of people use language in different ways. Due to training on tens of millions of messages, this system estimates the gender and age correctly in about 80% of cases, with errors being nearly correct (e.g. a 30 year old being categorized as 35).

API Access


Opinica allows access to all analyses and data on topics of interest, sentiment and age and gender, through a JSON-RPC Application Programming Interface (API). This allows you to integrate the powerful Opinica analyses into your own dashboards, workflows, or public displays, or to use the results of these analyses as a basis for further processing, e.g. as data enrichment in predictive analytics tasks.

About us



Opinica has been created and build upon the technology of Ai Applied. Ai Applied has 10 years of experience in the development, application and sales of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology.



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